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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dear, Just Business is a Full-Service Business Management Agency that was started to bring solutions by providing jobs to people who have a need to work remote.

We believe that with the right education, training and support anyone can work remotely. 

Business Meeting

Every Business has a story. Every story has characters, plot, and resolution.  In your story, your customers are the characters, their challenges are the plot, and your product is their resolution.  In any book, there are a host of  literary devices, and these are the people who help bring together the pages that tell your story. Dear Just Business has a host of literary devices that can create a story that brings your business to the front of your industry.

Our virtual consultants plot out your story and help you put the characters and plot in their proper order to set you up for success.  Our virtual assistants write the narrative and get the little jobs done so that you can focus on the areas that need your individual attention.  Our marketing team can manage your story and get it out to your customers while tracking your growth through strategic planning.  When you hire Dear Just Business, you don't just get a single person with one skill, you get an entire team of professional story tellers that have all the tools you need when you need them to start and grow your business in a busy and ever changing world.

Meet The Lead Team

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