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Alone? Not anymore!

Dear Moms,

We tend to think we as a parent need to do it alone, it’s the “We got it”-attitude, but no mom was ever meant to Mom alone. You may do the same things, but your kids are not the same little humans as someone else’s. We often hit hiccups in parenting because each of our kids are different, their love language is different, their personalities are different, but the one thing we can keep the same is that we all hope they grow up to be wonderful, kind, helpful, and loving human beings. To achieve all that sometimes it just “takes a village,” a community of people with the same end goal, the desire to work together in a team, the understanding that we can’t be everything if we are just one little piece of a bigger whole. I know it’s hard to fathom that, because for everyone the word community might look different. Some of you are even wondering where that community might be, and I have been there. I had my first little love at 21 years old. I had so many friends through my pregnancy tell me how excited they were for me and how nothing would change and we would just bring him along. But once I was married and the baby was born, all those friends faded away; they had other things to do, they were working, they wanted to go out and not be held back by a baby. I mean the list goes on. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t doing the inner work inside me of allowing myself to find a community. We moved across the country near my parents, I made a few new friends, and realized right then and there that I was no longer alone.

You may be asking yourself, “Why am I so alone?” Girl you’re not alone! Your community can look like anything, it can be that coworker that loves hanging out with you regardless of your house mess or that you have your kids. Your community can be the neighbor that helps you out sometimes because they know you just need a little help. It can be your immediate family, your church family, your hobby family - anyone that you get help from and give back to in return. However, for those of you saying, “But I really don’t know anyone around me,” then coming to my blog was the right place for you. You can create your own community here. Some of you may feel like you have enough support in your community, but if you feel like you’re just getting and not giving, there’s someone out there still looking for theirs, and you could find your pay it forward here. We are not meant to mom alone. I finally found my community, and I realized that my community will be forever growing, it does not have to just stop at a small few. The more people come into our lives and love us the more growth and love we have to give out, and the more we will give out, and the more the world will change for us and for our kids and theirs. Having a community has taken the pressure of all that weight on my shoulders away knowing that I don’t have to do this on my own. That has made all the difference for me. I’m growing my community and bringing it directly to you. Take a chance today, reach out, bring community into your life and be ready to banish aloneness for good.

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